Thursday, September 19, 2013

My first E-commerce post :)

Still remember Back to The Future movie? for this post I shall be updating about what shall I do if  I am given the chance to go back into the past. a little bit different with the title of the movie of back into the future, mine is back into time. :D

Now is the year of 2013, in the month of September where I am now 22 years old on this December. hehehehe.. There have been so many things happened all this while, the good and not to say bad but a lesson for me to learn in the future. Recently, on 14th September my grandmother has passed away. it was a sad moment for me and my family since I don't really have any more grandmother from my mother or father's side. She was 72 years old and she has diabetic. For me and my family, we accept the fate and need to proceed with our life as usual even though we do miss her a lot. Back to the story, now I am in semester 5 doing degree in entrepreneurship in UiTM Shah Alam. This is already my final semester to study here and after this shall be my 6 months practical in a company that soon I'll choose. for me, it is quite tough all the subjects that I am taking for this semester because my credit hours is 24 (maximum) and the subjects itself are not that easy. Well, I guess I have to put more efforts for this semester so that I can score better. insyaAllah, aamiin..... :)

My blog has not been updated for so long where my last update was in year 2011, which is already 2 years. wooowww! hahahaha. So, now I am back into business. (^_^) Since for this semester I am taking E-commerce as one of my subjects for semester 5, I need to be active back in updating my blog. This is the first post that is updated which is about "back into time". Actually, what I am trying to tell here is that if I am given the chance to turn back time, what would I do? hurrmmm, that is a very tricky question. hehehe.. 

To be honest, there shall not be any much that I would change because first of all, I am very grateful to Allah of all the things that ever happened in my life. the good things will be in my heart forever, while the bad one shall be a lesson for me. However, if I can actually turn back time I would choose to be in my childhood because at that particular time I don't really need to think much of anything. What I do know is that I am enjoying my life as a kid having good times with my friends and do not need to bother about the problems that happened because I know no matter what my family will always be there for life, there is always a new things that we will learn and for me what is more important is that I accept all the mistakes that I made before so that in the future I know not to do it again. besides, I choose to spend more time with my family doing things that we love to do like go for travelling and shopping. Time will leave us but we do wait for the time, so just try our best to enjoy the time that we still have in doing good things in our life. Sometimes it is not about the mistakes that we make, but it is about what do we as human being actually learn from it. We can't definitely turn back time in reality, we just need to be grateful that we are still alive to enjoy what are still available for us in this world. I must admit that I may not be a good person, a good daughter but I do know that I am still trying to be better in the future. Since now I am already 22 years old and there is more responsibility that I must take at least I know that my family will always be behind me to support me despite of anything that happen. Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful....

I do not know how the future will look like, but for now what I am doing is to appreciate all the things that I have and just keep on praying to Allah that He will ease everything for me in the future in term of my future family, career and life. I hope that I can make my family proud of me and happy to have such a daughter like me. InsyaAllah. :) As human being, we can't never run away from problems because the problems themselves that teach us to appreciate life and not to be forgetful of everything that we owned in this world because it is all just temporary.