Thursday, May 5, 2011

Up and Down.

as a human being we do have our good and bad times. sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. life is like a wheel. it keeps on rotating. every single thing that happened, whether it is a small or bog thing, we must always take it positively. we should not feel depressed with the problems that happened. learn from mistakes and let it be just as what it is.

i do admit, sometimes i feel sad, emotional and depressed when i face problems in life. i guess i'm not the only person facing all that. i'm sure others feel the same things too. however, no matter what problems happened, we must never lose our faith. we must be more stronger in order to go through our life in the future much better. if we feel depressed, we must remember that there are still other people out there that are more depressed than us. we are not the only person feeling that way.

all the problems that happened, made us more matured. it taught us on how to deal with the real world which is definitely not all are nice and lovely. we cannot expect others to treat us like we want them to do. different people will have different attitudes. but, it is all depends on us how we are able to deal with that types of person and take it as a challenge for us.

that's why we must love and respect ourself first before we expect others to do the same. we must always bear in mind not to treat others bad. no matter what happens, be nice to others. as a normal human being i do admit, i make mistakes too in life. i'm not a perfect person and nobody does. but, at least we try to learn from our mistakes and not to repeat it again in the future.

isn't it?

i'm blessed to have such a good + supportive family and friends around me. sometimes, i cannot run away from thinking how to make my life happier without any problems. but, it is IMPOSSIBLE! problems are always ahead of us. treat them as if they are our good friends. because, we will realize that the problems that we faced now had actually taught us the real meaning of life and appreciate what is in front of us.

therefore, i would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my family, friends and anyone that i have ever hurt their feelings. i'm just an ordinary teenager. i'm hoping to be a better person in the future and have a happier life with good career. i have learnt to forgive and forget. there's a little advice here.

"never treat others bad, of we do not want them to treat us that way in the future, because what we give we will get it back"

thank you!


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