Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 Most Important Things !

First of all, this is ONLY in case I am stranded on a deserted island.

okay, first thing first, of course lah I must bring myself. hehe. Just kidding. The 3 things that I must bring will be knife, rope and spectacles (because I am short sighted). I will explain these things one by one. The reason I need knife is for protection of course and also, for me to cut anything such as to make shelter, to find food or to kill anything that may harm me. The knife must be sharp enough and durable so that it can last long. I think I am not the only one here that will bring the knife along when stranded on a deserted island.
Secondly, rope. Why must rope right? This is because for example, after I already use the knife to cut the wood to make shelter or to make transport I can use the rope to tie it up. Besides, the rope also can be used when I move form one place to another place in case I need to climb mountain or to cross the river. To me, the rope will complement the use of the knife in making useful things later on. 
Thirdly, is my spectacles. It may sound silly, but come on how am I going to survive without my spectacles to do things, to find food, to make shelter and even to walk if I cannot even see clearly without my spectacles Right? So, it is very important to bring along my spectacles. It is something that for sure I cannot live without. 

Of course nobody wants to be stranded on a deserted island, but this is only in case that this kind of things happen. At least I am prepared and know how to deal with the situation. Besides that bringing these 3 things, I must set my mid not to be stress and try be calm even if I am having the worst time in my life. As long as we still have faith, confidence and believe in ALLAH I am sure everything will be just fine. InsyaAllah...
To me this is something that is unpredictable, something that we can't measure, so we just need to deal with what may come for us and just pray for the best. Always put in mind and remember that it is not easy to be easy and it is not hard to be in hard situation. Just be grateful with the present situation we are having and still have confidence even if we are in trouble.